The Secret You Need to Know about Your Health Care


Anyone who has had a serious illness, or has been a caregiver, knows that there is a moment when you realize that you have to be a champion of your own care, or the care of your loved one. You realize that every decision counts, and you feel the weight of that responsibility.

Sure, you may have a top-notch doctor or may be getting treatment at a world-class hospital, but there is always a part of your care that you have to figure out yourself. It may be deciding whether or not you are going to undergo surgery. Or determining the best way to talk to your kids about your illness. So you research your options; you ask more questions. But the urgency of finding help when you are already burdened with serious illness can be totally overwhelming.

The sad thing is that you don’t realize this until you’re already in a state of crisis. For me, it was when my mother was in the hospital.

About Kathy English

Kathy English has been passionate about patient advocacy for many years. In her last position as Director of Personnel for Rockefeller & Co., she introduced patient navigation and advocacy as a benefit for all employees and their families. Since joining the Partnership for Palliative Care in 2011 as the Executive Director, she has expanded its initiatives to educate patients and their families experiencing serious or chronic illness about palliative and supportive care. She has worked to increase the number of educational programs and job opportunities for palliative care professionals, and she has also led efforts to make palliative and supportive care available in all community settings from the time of diagnosis of a serious illness.